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Our Auto Repair History

In 1987, Steve Spence started as an apprentice motor mechanic with a reputable auto service centre in Gympie. It didn’t take too long before his mechanical skills were recognised and Steve became the centre’s service manager.

It was inevitable that Steve would end up with a car workshop in his own name and, just over 10 years ago today, Spencey’s Auto Repairs opened for business.

Expert Car Mechanic Services

Steve’s mechanical aptitude again left no one in doubtGympie motorists soon came to the conclusion Spencey’s was the only place they wanted their cars to be serviced. All the regular mechanical services and repairs were available. But the business could not ignore the needs of its loyal motoring enthusiasts…

Steve and his wife Melody took on the ownership of EJH Auto Engineering. EJH, had been owned and operated by Eric Hodges and his wife Audrey since the 1970s. But in 2016, it was merged with Spencey’s Auto Repairs and has since built on the long-standing reputation of EJH.

Now, with a full team of qualified engine reconditioners and mechanics, Spencey’s Auto Repairs & Engine Reconditioning provides engine reconditioning, TIG welding, bead blasting and motorcycle engine machining. 

Gympie Motor Rebuilders has also been incorporated to meet and often exceed customers’ engine requirements.

If Spencey’s can’t get optimal performance out of your vehicle, no one in Gympie can.

Our Auto Repair Shop Services

As professional and experience car mechanics, our team can help you with almost any auto problem you have. Our services include: 

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