All You Want To Know About A Roadworthy Certificate

All You Want To Know About A Roadworthy Certificate

Remember the excitement of driving your first car? But with the joy of driving comes the responsibility of ensuring your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. That’s where the roadworthy certificate comes into play. It ensures every vehicle meets the required safety standards before it becomes part of our daily commutes and long journeys. In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to know about a roadworthy certificate and what it means for you as a vehicle owner.

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What is a Roadworthy Certificate and Why Do You Need It?

A roadworthy certificate, often referred to as a safety certificate, is a legal requirement in various situations. Whether you’re selling a registered light vehicle, transferring registration to a new owner, moving to Queensland registration from another state or re-registering an unregistered vehicle, this certificate is important. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a declaration that your vehicle is fit to navigate the roads safely.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Roadworthy Inspection

Getting your vehicle ready for a roadworthy inspection is straightforward, but it does require attention to detail. Here’s a checklist to ensure your vehicle passes the inspection:

  • Brakes and Engine: Ensure they are functioning correctly without any issues.
  • Battery and Exhaust System: Check for proper operation and no leaks.
  • Windows and Suspension: They should be in good working order.
  • Driving Controls, Seats and Seatbelts: Confirm they are secure and operational.
  • Mirrors and Steering Components: Make sure they are intact and functional.
  • Wheels, Tyres and Bearings: Look for wear and ensure they meet safety standards.
  • Bodywork, Lights, Windscreen, Chassis and Subframes: Check for damages or malfunctions.

Understanding the Validity Period of a Roadworthy Certificate

When it comes to the validity of a roadworthy certificate, it’s important to know that the duration depends on the seller’s status.

If the Seller is a Licensed Motor Dealer

The certificate remains valid for either 3 months or 1,000 kilometres, depending on which limit is reached first, from the date it was issued.

For all Other Sellers

The certificate lasts for 2 months or covers 2,000 kilometres, depending on which comes first, from the issue date.

Roadworthy Certificates vs Regular Vehicle Inspections

Aspect Roadworthy Certificates Regular Vehicle Inspections
Certify vehicle safety for sale or registration.
Ongoing maintenance and condition check.
Specific occasions (e.g., selling, re-registering).
Regular intervals (e.g., annually).
Safety components (brakes, lights, tires).
Comprehensive vehicle check (engine, fluids).

Get Your Vehicle Road-Ready Today!

Whether you’re a buyer, seller or simply a vehicle owner, understanding the importance of a roadworthy certificate is important. If you’re in need of a roadworthy certificate in Gympie or have any questions about your vehicle’s condition, turn to Spencey’s Auto Repairs & Engine Reconditioning. As an Approved Inspection Station (AIS), we’re committed to ensuring your vehicle is safe and reliable on the road. Contact us today!